Hasnaa | Jagran Public School, Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh
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Jagran Public School, Kannauj

About This Project

Hasnaa organised a Dental Awareness Camp on the occasion of Dental Care Day at Jagran Public School, Kannauj. Students of all classes listened to Dr. Sumit Dubey, who spoke on the topic of Oral Hygiene and Care. Making students aware about Dental problems and how they are caused, Dr. Dubey emphasised on good Oral Hygiene practices and the importance of a Healthy Diet. All the questions raised by the students during the Awareness Camp were answered and the students were encouraged to not only practice good oral hygiene but were also asked to encourage their fellow friends and family members to follow the same. With workshops like these, Hasnaa moves closer to its mission to introduce “Self-Sustained Affordable Oral Healthcare System” in India.

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