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Providing Dental Care to Villages of India

In a country of 1.3 billion people, where more than 90% of healthcare facilities existing are concentrated in urban areas. HASNAA, is educating and creating awareness about Oral Hygiene Care, effective Brushing Methods, Oral Cancer Awareness, Quit Tobacco Campaign and Diet Counseling in rural villages of India.


Your donations sustain and strengthen HASNAA. They provide the resources we need to offer assistance to bring smiles on the faces of the poor and the needy.


We always welcome people who want to join us in helping the underprivileged attain better oral hygiene and education. Don’t hesitate in volunteering with us!


We are more than happy to come and set up a dental clinic for a day or more, organise a workshop on dental hygiene and its benefits or related topics. Connect with us!


Individuals Touched


States Covered


Camps & Meetings


Hasnaa strives to educate and spread awareness regarding Oral Hygiene care in rural villages of India so that a “Self-Sustained Affordable Oral Healthcare System” can be introduced in throughout the country.

Khulke Hassega India

Our mission to provide free dental checkup.

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Ab jiyo Khulke

Menstrual hygiene awareness and educating the society.

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Donate a meal Today

our campaign to urge the society to donate food grains, packed food and cost per pax, to feed the hungry.

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Cancer Mukti

Anti tobacco drives, awareness of oral cancers and free treatments for selected cases.

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SAWE( save air water earth)

Campaign for conscious living and sustainability of environment. we take up plantation drives and cleaning our surroundings in this.

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More than 1,80,000 individuals from 6 different states have been benefited from HASNAA’s programs where more than 1300 school camps and public meetings have been organized to create awareness regarding oral hygiene, Tobacco Cancer, Oral Cancer, Diet, and Hygiene.