Hasnaa | Gram Chitarpurava, Gursahaiganj, Kannauj
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About This Project

Hasnaa organised a Free Dental Awareness and Check-Up camp in village Chitarpurava where the villagers got Free Dental Check-Up and advice from Dr. Sumit Dubey. The camp was organised as a part of Hasnaa’s mission to introduce “Self-Sustained Affordable Oral Healthcare System” in India. The villagers came in great numbers to participate in the camp and received necessary treatment as well as advice for their Dental Problems. The villagers were made aware of the issue of early detection of Caries, awareness about hazards of oral cancer and the ill effects of Tobacco consumption. Since most of the village’s adult population is addicted to some form of tobacco, it was necessary to make them aware of their current lifestyle and the problems they might get after some time.

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